1989 World Tour: Philippines – Frequently Asked Questions


Is Taylor Swift coming to the Philippines for her 1989 World Tour? Philippines has NOT been announced as a tour stop. So as of now, she has no upcoming concert in the Philippines. Selecta Cornetto has already confirmed that she will not be having a concert here this year, and the Keds limited edition sneaker design featuring Asian and Oceanian 1989 Tour stops does not include Manila.

I saw a post/graphic with information about the 1989 Tour Manila. Is it true? No. Everything that is currently floating around regarding a Manila show are just rumors or fanmade graphics. It is best that you treat every news that hasn’t come from legit sources to be false. We also discourage you from sharing any information that isn’t confirmed.

What are the legit/official sources of info about her tour? The best way to verify whether concert info is legit is to check if it is listed in Taylor’s upcoming events page on her official website. If it’s not there, it’s not true. You may also check Taylor’s Facebook Page, Taylor’s and Taylor Nation’s Twitter accounts, and any of Taylor’s verified personal accounts for announcements. For local (PH) information, TSPH is the official street team so rest assured that we will be posting confirmed news, if there are any. You may also check the page of MCA Music, Taylor’s local record label.

Is there no more chance that Taylor will still bring her 1989 World Tour here? It has been stated in various sources (tour videos and interviews) that her tour will be ending as scheduled—on December 2015, and Taylor is apparently going to take a well-deserved break afterwards. So by now, the chances of a Manila show happening are very, very slim. Tour dates can still be added late, yes, as she has already done before, but considering how late in the touring schedule it is now, it is highly unlikely.

What about the teasers saying she will perform at the Philippine Arena in 2016?  Recently, the Philippine Arena has posted teasers on their Facebook page hinting at Taylor Swift being the next performer to rock the venue, however they have also deleted these teasers after a few minutes. At this point, we cannot verify whether these teasers mean that there will be an actual concert. They have also posted a fan survey recently, but they’ve also done the same thing months ago and it hasn’t led to anything so far.

Is there a specific reason why Taylor didn’t include Manila in the 1989 Tour? If there is, we don’t know it. Earlier this year, local companies have been teasing a possible concert, but it just hasn’t followed through. And that is all we know.

Are there any other 1989 World Tour shows in Asia I can watch? Yes! She’s going to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 7 (details) and 8 (details), and at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on November 11 (details) and 12 (details).

Are there ongoing promos for me to win tickets to the 1989 Tour? Some 1989 Tour Promos were held but they have already ended, and winners have already been announced.

Where can I find the complete list of stops of the 1989 World Tour? Here.

What about that 1989 Tour ice cream? Cornetto is sponsoring the 1989 Tour show in Singapore, and along with that, they have released a new limited edition flavor, Taylor Swift Caramel Shake, in Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines. It is now available nationwide wherever Cornetto cones are sold. Unfortunately, there is no promo/contest accompanying the release of this new flavor in the Philippines.