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New Music Video: Begin Again!

The absolutely breathtaking Paris-shot music video for Begin Again, Taylor’s second single from her album Red, has already premiered!

What do you guys think? Should we start campaigning for it on the MYX Chart? Sound off in the comments! 🙂

Red is now #1 and #2 in iTunes Ph!

The whole world is going crazy about Taylor Swift’s new album Red, and at the time of writing it’s already number one in 31 countries – including the Philippines! And even more amazing is the fact that Taylor not only takes the number 1 spot in the iTunes Philippines albums chart, but also number 2, for her Red Deluxe and Standard Editions respectively. Just goes to show how supportive Pinoy Swifties are!

Don’t forget, you can still download Red from iTunes if you haven’t done so already! Click the links: STANDARD and DELUXE.

Everything you need to know about the RED Release


1. When is the release date of Red?

The local release date of physical copies will be on November 5, 2012, as formally announced by MCA Music (see official statement here). Remember, when they say that an album comes out on a specific date, what they really mean is that the CDs are shipped to the record stores on that day. Record stores farthest from central Metro Manila will get the shipment last. Same goes for the provinces that surrounds Metro Manila. For those who are planning on getting the album on the release day (i.e. ALL OF US,) it’s best to go to the your fave record stores late afternoon or evening.

However, digital copies of Red Standard and Red Deluxe are already legally available via iTunes Philippines. Download it now in these respective links: STANDARD and DELUXE.

2. Are we getting the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition?
We are that the DELUXE Edition will be released, but we’re not sure about the standard. There’s an indication that both editions may be released locally, though. Odyssey has said that “The Standard edition will cost P459.00 though there’s no word yet if it will be sold separately or will only come with the Zinepak.”
3. What’s the difference between the Deluxe Edition and the Standard Edition?
The Deluxe Edition contains 6 bonus tracks:
“The Moment I Knew”
“Come Back…Be Here”
“Girl at Home”
“Treacherous (Original Demo)”
“Red (Original Demo)”
“State of Grace (Acoustic Version)”
4. How much is the album gonna be?
The Deluxe Edition is PhP550 while the Standard Edition, if there is indeed one, is PhP459.
5. Can I Pre-Order Red?
Yes, you can!
Via Astroplus – Preordering is available at ALL their branches nationwide starting 10 am today, October 19 until November 4. The Red Deluxe Edition price is PHP550, but the minimum deposit for the preorder is only PHP200. You can pay the rest when you claim your album. Each preorder will also serve as a ticket to their pre-launch party. Preordering can also be done online, but the Red album isn’t posted on their online shop yet. More details here:
Via Odyssey – You can preorder the Red Deluxe Edition online for PHP550 here: and here: (It says free shipping on the Multiply shop page but we’re not sure if it’s indeed free shipping.) An exclusive freebie comes with each preorder at Odyssey! Odyssey also accepts in-store pre-orders.
Remember, keep the receipt for both in-store Odyssey and Astroplus pre-orders because those are very very important!
6. What is the Red “Zine Pak?”
A Zine Pak is short for Magazine Pack. It’s sort of a special edition of the Red album. The Zine Pak that our region (South East Asia) will get contains a Standard Copy of RED, 1 Download Card for Six (6) extra tracks and a 96 Page booklet.
7. No guitar picks?
The guitar picks come with the WALMART Zine Pak, available in the U.S. The Zine Pak in our region comes from Universal Music Hong Kong, which only contains the features we stated in our answer to question number 6.
8. Which stores are offering the Red Zine Pak? How much will it cost?
MCA Music has released a statement regarding the local release of the Zine Pak: “Regarding the Taylor Swift – RED Zine Pak: MCA Music has imported copies from Hong Kong. We do not have the official photo and price yet. We will share them with you as soon as we get the details. Are you excited?! :)” So there is NO official price yet, but we take this as a confirmation that it WILL be released here, and as always it will be available via the two leading record stores in our country.
Odyssey is offering preorders of the Red Zine Pak for PHP1200 here: and here: Note: PHP1200 is still a price estimate. It is NOT the official price.
Astroplus will also offer Red Zine Paks soon. Here’s the statement they recently made: For those asking about the TAYLOR SWIFT “RED” EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION ZINEPAK, please be informed that there is NO OFFICIAL INFORMATION and FINAL STANDARD RETAIL PRICE for the package yet from the label, MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). We will post ordering details as soon as they become available.
9. Does Red come with freebies?
Yes. Both Odyssey and Astroplus have expressed that there will be freebies for every Red purchase.
MCA Music has announced that each Red purchase from comes with a 2013 Calendar, with a different design per retailer. For Astroplus calendars click HERE, and for  Odyssey, click HERE.
10. Will there be a “Jeepney Logo” on Red?
We don’t know yet.
11. “Jeepney Logo”? What’s that?
In the past couple of years, all records that MCA Music Philippines has been locally releasing has a “Philippine Edition” Jeepney Logo on the CD spine. It looks like THIS.
12. Will the Deluxe Edition of Red have two discs?
13. What is the “Download Card” on the Red ZinePak that Odyssey is offering for pre-order?
We assume that it’s a card that has a code you input on a website and it lets you download the 6 Bonus Tracks available in the Deluxe Edition.
14. Will there be a launch for Red?
There will be TWO launches for Red, because record stores love us Swifties! 🙂 The first one is a pre-launch by Astroplus happening on October 27, and we made a separate post about it with all the details HERE. The second launch will be a T-Party by Odyssey on November 10, and we also made a post about it HERE.
15. Are there dress codes for the launches?
The Astro Slumber Fest has no specific dress code, but it’s safe to assume that Swifties will wear Red anyway. Odyssey said we should come in our best red outfit for their Red T-Party, but we’re gonna have to assume that it’s more of a suggestion than a requirement.
16. Which launch should I attend? The Astroplus Taylor Swift Fan Slumber Fest or the Odyssey Red T-Party?
That is entirely up to you. Both launches sound awesome! And TSPH Officers will be present at both launches. 🙂 It all comes down to which store you’re loyal to.
Remember, though, that the ticket in to both launches are the receipt from your purchase of the album from their respective stores.

Astroplus RED Pre-Launch: Taylor Swift Fan Slumber Fest

WHAT: RED: The Taylor Swift Fan Slumber Fest
WHEN: October 27, 2012
WHAT TIME: Program is from 3PM to 5PM but you can buy as early as 10AM
WHERE: TriNoma Mall Cinema Lobby
SWIFTIES! We’re so excited to see you guys again! 😀 Join us with the rest of the world as we celebrate the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, “RED” — SLUMBER STYLE!  Get the chance to win exciting prizes including the priceless Wonderstruck perfume and more! Exclusive freebies also await those who will pre-order and attend the pre-launch party on that day! With live performances by Sabrina and The Lamars! 😀 

1. What do I need to enter the venue?
Bring your RED PRE-ORDER RECEIPT to enter the party, or you can pre-order at the venue. How to preorder: DETAILS HERE.
2. Why “pre-launch” party? I thought the album is going to be out on October 22? 
No, the local release is on November 5, not October 22, as announced by MCA Music: Because the Slumber Fest is scheduled earlier than the release date, it is considered a “pre-launch.”
3. So we won’t be getting our actual physical copies of Red at the event?
Unfortunately not. But there’s good news, because for those who pre-order their albums at the event, pay in full and you can have your album shipped to your address when the album comes out FOR FREE!
4. Is there a fee I need to pay to be able to join the pre-launch party?
No, you just need to pre-order/buy the album! Keep your receipt as it will serve as your entrance to the venue!
5. How many can enter the venue for each purchased “Red” album?
1 album = 1 person. Each fan aged 12 years old and below can be accompanied by one legal guardian aged 18 and above.
6. Are there freebies for this album?
Definitely! So far the freebies and prizes that have been revealed are Red Statement Button Pins, Teddy Bears, 2013 Calendars, and Wonderstruck postcards/cash coupons. (Click the links for a picture.)
7. What about prizes?
These prizes will be given away at the pre-launch: Six (6) Taylor Swift Portraits, Eight (8) mini Taylor Swift Standees, Two (2) pairs of sneakers from KEDS Philippines, Three (3) bottles Wonderstruck Fragrance Luxasia Philippines, Four (4) gift bags from The Face Shop, Five (5) Imported Taylor Swift Plastic Folders.
8. Will there be booths at the event?
Yes! There will be booths from POSH NAILS, PHILLIPS, WONDERSTRUCK and TAYLOR SWIFT PHILIPPINES (Yes, that’s us! :D)!
9. What if I ordered online and want to attend the event?
Just print the order form online with the status “PAYMENT COMPLETE” on top like this:
10. Can I pre-order the album on the day of the pre-launch party?
Yes, definitely!
11. What if the Astro branch nearest me won’t take pre-orders?
Absolutely ALL Astroplus/Astrovision branches MUST accept pre-orders. If they don’t, please report the branch to us ASAP. 🙂
12. What if I haven’t claimed my album yet before the pre-launch party?
Well, the album won’t be out until November 5th so it’s fine, just make sure to keep your receipt and claim at the same branch where you made your pre-order.
13. Should I go to Astro’s event? Am I going to have fun?
Definitely! You don’t even have to be shy because you’ll surely meet a lot of friends at the event! (TSPH Officers will be there too.) Just like the SPARKS FLY AT TAYLOR SWIFT’S T-PARTY: The “Speak Now World Tour” CD+DVD Launch last year — ONLY MORE BONGGA! Click here to check out the photos from our previous event:

14. It’s a “Slumber Fest” right? So is the attire sleepwear?

We (TSPH) assume that Astro picked the “Slumber Fest” theme because of Taylor’s WANEGBT music video which featured a sort of slumber party. You don’t need to wear PJ’s to the event though because it will be held at a mall, a public place. Just choose a comfortable outfit (preferably RED) and you’re good to go!

More questions? Comment below or directly contact Astroplus through their Facebook page.

Odyssey RED Launch: Taylor Swift Red T-Party

WHAT: Taylor Swift Red T-Party
WHEN: November 10, 2012
WHAT TIME: Event venue opens at 1 pm
WHERE: Robinsons Galleria Cinema Lobby
Get your RED album here plus take home exciting Taylor Swift freebies from Odysseylive.Net and COVERGIRL Philippines! Fun games, performances, and surprises await those who will purchase their RED albums only from Odyssey!

1. Are there any requirements to enter the event?

An album receipt is needed to enter the event, which you can get by preordering the album with Odyssey (and make sure to KEEP YOUR RECEIPT). Red Deluxe Edition for Php550- and here: Red Zine Pak for PHP1200 – and here:

However, if you have not preordered, you can still buy the album at the venue, which will allow you to join the T-Party.

2. So I can already get the physical copy of my album at the event?

Yes. Because the album release date is November 5, and this launch will be on November 10, you will already get the actual physical copies of the album at the event.

3. Does this mean RED will not be available via Odyssey until November 10?

No. This launch will be on November 10, yes, but copies of RED will be distributed to Odyssey stores starting November 5.

4. What are the specific freebies that will be given away?

So far, the freebies and prizes that have been revealed are as follows: Covergirl bag with Covergirl coupon and Taylor Swift poster, mini Taylor Swift standees, Red Champion Keds, and 2013 Calendars.

5. What should I wear?

You are encouraged to wear RED! 🙂

6. Will TSPH attend the launch?

Yes, officers will be there, and many Filipino Swifties will be, too. You should totally come!

More questions? Comment below or directly contact Odyssey through their Facebook page.